Our two days in Sao Paulo

After a lot of talking and preparations, most of which we described in the last post, the time to leave Paris has finally arrived. A quick transfer in Madrid (just the time to get a bocadillo con jamon), and 11 hours after we are in Sao Paulo. The impact with the city is strong: huge, chaotic, a hot and humid cement metropolis. We arrived on a Friday morning during rush hour, which doubled the usual hour to get to the city center by bus.

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Granada & Cordoba: our first days in Andalusia!

Andalusia: the most southern region of Spain, the birthplace of tapas and flamenco. A region filled with memories from its Islamic past, known in summer for its beaches along the coast and extreme temperatures. With these premises we decide to explore the region at the end of July, focusing on the inland cities of Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla… sometimes we are that crazy!

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